During my trip to San Francisco in mid-February, I was curiously in love with vintage or vintage connotated lingerie. And going to the DollHouse Bettie shop (located in Haight-Ashbury, the hippie district) didn’t helped much ^^ Introducing my little American cracking!

Hosted by the very kind Emily Rose in a cozy store with powdery colors, I made a small tour before asking a little help in my choice. Emily Rose settles me in the cabin, asked me my size and quickly returns armful a bunch of bras! After several fittings, my favorite is there: it will be in Charlotte in icy blue or nothing! I tried it in old rose, but on me with my white skin, i wasn’t pretty. I then try the high waisted matching panties that finally convinced me: D
I look at the brand, “Parfait by Affinitas”, the name speaks to me but I’ve never tried anything or buy from them, I tell myself that this is the opportunity!


Two words on Parfait by Affinitas

Parfait is actually the plus-size line, or rather big tits of the American brand Affinitas. The brand was created in 2007 with the aim of producing collections where comfort and fitting are paramount. In 2010 the Parfait line was launched to fill a gap of chic and sophisticated lingerie for the larger cups.
The brand goes from 80 to 105 in the back and turn the D to O for bras and XS to XL for panties! Wow no?

Charlotte’s style

Charlotte is gorgeous ! It’s not the sexiest girl of my closet, but she’s pretty you see, this little retro modernized style makes you look like a pin-up and not like your granny. This is a good point 😀

Let’s start with the bra. This is the model “Padded Bra 6901” color “Icy Blue” ). I reassure you (or disgusts you) immediately by E in any case, the bra isn’t padded huh, it is just “shelled”. It’s rather nice if you’re not a fan of the nipple that points under the very fine lace of your super sexy bra and that you can see under your t-shirt of course. After a long auscultation performed with a pinch of two fingers, I can inform you that there is a tad of foam in the cup, it makes them comfortable. The inside is cotton.
Otherwise, the color is really beautiful, it is exactly what you see in the pictures, beautiful bright pastel blue that gives you a radiant look! The cups are made slightly elastic synthetic fabric, and their bottom appear black stripes. The sides of the cups, between the cups and bottom of the bra are in contrast satin. The period between the breasts is also adorned with a black stripe too  and overcame a big bow in black satin. On satin’s  parts the black seams are visible.
The straps are simple, black and lined with small loops, and the back of the bra is made of black tulle.


For high waisted panties, it is predominantly satin except inserts at the top of the panties front and back. All around the bottom of the pant is lined with black, and a black stripe gives it a visual structure and front. To this we add the black satin bow in front and here we are with a very consistent panties compared to the design of the bra. Bonus: the size is elastic.


The contrast of materials and colors The back of the bra is very simple and all black, it gives the impression
(from the back) that  it is not matched to the panties.

Trying Charlotte

I wore Charlotte several times to experience it for you who read me! For the bra, when I tried it at the store, all was good, straps hold, breasts do not come out when I lean forward and bra stays upright without coming tickling my armpits. What I like about this bra is that it offers a reelay great support! It is certainly a little more fitting / covering that what I normally wear, but it’s really quite nice because nothing moves. For the cleavage, I think for a fuller bust than mine it will be really nice, a little uplift in my opinion. The shoulder straps and band are wide and really well designed for deep cups, fasteners are two, not three as some large size models, but they are quite spaced along the beautiful fabric width. Strictly no complaints about the support.

Regarding the “fitting”, (I took the 36DD/E), Charlotte fits well to the cup , but where I was disappointed is that the band size was tight:( I realized it during the first evening wearing i that I spent sitting at a show. I felt a discomfort under the breasts around the underwirings, which really pushed a lot in my buges! Once I was back home, obviously I had those horrible red marks. So I tried it again for a walk day in a city, when I put it on it wasn’t too tight, but during the day it gets a little uncomfortable, and backhome, same story, beautiful red marks!
So advice: if you like this model, take a little larger band size than usual. I think a 38 would have been more comfortable for me!


Concerning the panties, it is very comfortable to wear! The satin is really soft on the skin, and the belly and hips are well taken into the fabric. What I like in this high waisted panties is that it is quite thin, so it is not seen too much under clothes (hey it’s not invisible, seamless nude crap etc) and covers well without being like old panties for granny who wants to hide everything. Instead, it gives a very nice retro cute look and even sexy I think! I took it in XL size and fits perfectly!
The only negative point is that the elasticated waist of the panties slips from the hips to the waist, it’s not annoying when you wear it, it just bothers me visually, but it’s not a big deal!


For the bra  Really great comfort The band size is too small
For the panties Its softness and comfort + it wraps beautifully the belly The eleastic waist makes it slips into the waist


To sum up

Un super ensemble, globalement très confortable si on prend la bonne taille pour le soutien-gorge ! La couleur est merveilleuse je trouve, ça change vraiment de ce qu’on achète habituellement (enfin pour moi en tous cas), et la coupe et le design donnent un look délicieusement rétro que j’adore ! En plus le prix est assez raisonnable, environ 63€ pour un ensemble qui ira aussi bien au quotidien que pour faire la coquinette, on a vu pire ^^

A great set, very comfortable overall if you get the right size bra! The color is wonderfu,  it really changes from what we usually buy (well for me anyway), and the cut and design give a deliciously retro look that I love! In addition the price is quite reasonable, about 63 € for a set that will go as well as everyday and for the cheeky moments, we have seen worse ^^

For the shopping :

So I bought everything in San Francisco, but you find it quite easily on the net, below links to La Redoute 🙂

For the bra: http://bit.ly/1VNffre
For the high waisted panties: http://bit.ly/216aj26


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