…well you’re not happy! Especially when it is also a remembrance of the USA! Quick story of the misadventure, just for you to know what you’re getting into if you buy the model.

At the end of February I spoke here of a purchase I made in San Francisco that had me pretty excited. It was the Charlotte’s set (high waisted panties + bra) by the brand Parfait by Affinitas.
Since this purchase I wore it three times and washed (by hand, of course) three times too. But last friday, I was ready to make my pilgrimage to Nice to go out and do some restaurants with my friends, and I put on my icy blue outfit. I adjust my panties and I see the cute little bow (see photo below), swinging a little bit too casually for my taste.


“Well okay, I’ll sew it whan I come back home tonight”. After 10 minutes, it was laying on the ground, defeated. My face too (not on the floor but defeated). Well I groan, but I can sew it, so it’s ok.


The little bow, not at all in his original place

The day was going well with drinks and retaurants, and at the end of afternoon, THE DRAMA. Yes Madam, THE DRAMA. I go to the bar’s toilets, careless, thinking of my little glass of wine upstairs waiting for me, and while I was putting my panties back on, I hear THE noise we all fear. “CRAAAC”. Oh wow, I turn around, hoping it was the flush that made a weird noise, but no, the evidence is there. The panty has split.
The damage in a picture:


It has split a lot, I am disappointed, a little bit angry too. Ok €20 is not the most expensive panties on the market, but still it’s supposed to be a minimum of good quality, even my H & M panties have never done this to me. So I’m going to sew, but I’m not happy, after 4 times wearing it and always have washed it by hand, I think that’s not normal.


* Music of the funeral march * Here lies the little satin bow, with, in the background the Charlotte’s panties of Parfait by Affinitas split opened…

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