Who am I ?

Hi and welcome on my blog !

My name is Caroline, I’m french (of the south) expatriate in Brussels. Fond of lingerie, high heels (a bit too high), and cat lover. I wanted to create that blog like a boudoir just for girls (sorry guys, I prefer woman lingerie), where you feel comfortable, where we can trade tips and avices, all of this without any kind of judgement.lesalondefrivolites
The first reason this blogs exists is to help and/or help to discover new things.
But help for what ?
Waiiit…flash-back ! A few years ago I went from a classic 10/12 size with a 32B to a good 16 and a 36DD/E. And that changed a lot of things for me !
In particular, I took a fresh look at lingerie. I’ve always loved lingerie, lace, the neat and sexy details, whcih make me feel pretty and give me more confidence. But when I ran into the “plus-size” universe, it went a little bit complicated, for clothes of course, but even more for underwear !
Gladly, today, more and more brands launched plus-size clohting lines or are specialized in this. However, it’s not always easy to know where to look, and in french it’s even more complicated!
So this is the why and how I wanted to create this space of discovery, of little tips for all the lingerie enthusiats and particularly for the plus-size ones 😉
For the little story of the name of the blog, “marchande de frivolités” was the lingerie stores back in the 18th century. Cute, isn’t it ?