A few time after starting this blog, I’ve been in touch with the Ventresca’s sisters, Noelle and Kali, who’s hiding behind the new yorker brand Impish Lee. I couldn’t believe that this american brand, creator of such beautiful designs was actually talking with me over instagram ! And quickly, that’s how my first partnership began !

My first partnership and an absolute dream ! Because this brand isn’t a random lingerie brand, Impish Lee is definitely a concept of its own : the website site offers you to customize your lingerie almost completely. If that’s not exceptional ! Models, fabrics, colors, details, all you need to create a unique piece, just like you.
Impish Lee is also an ethical brand : the Ventresca’s sisters only produce what has been ordered and paid in order to limit the waste as much as they can. And as it wasn’t enough, the products that they’re sent back are sold on another website and all the profits of this sales are 100% gave back to an association, the Robin Hood Foundation.

The brand is extremely inclusive with a range of sizes 0-24 and bra sizes 28A-40J ! Such possibilities for such a size’s range, I find this at the limit of magic ^^ I was so pleased and surprised when I discovered this.

Noelle and Kali trusted me very quickly andi could never thank them enough for that, they made me the most wonderful gift : the opportunity to customize a loungewear piece of my own choice on their website.
After a little visit on their portfolio to take a glance at their different models and have some inspiration, I finally choose the long version of the robe.

robe-impishlee 1
In order to create your unique lingerie, you just have to pretend it’s like when you play with the Ikea simulator : you have a great tool : the “customizer“. It’s super easy to use, et it gives you a good idea of the infinite possibilities you have with it…pretty exciting no ?

Once you’ve choose the garnment, you can either choose one of the associations already imagined by the brand, ot all create by yourself ! It’s the last option that I choose and the gothic in me concocted the robe of the princess of darkness, all in lace and velvet, black and violet. Yum ! Shall I present you all of this ?

The dazzling beauty of Impish Lee : how it’s made

I’ve hung out a moment on the website to chosse what will both please me and be useful for everyday ! Here are the different choices you have for the loungewear part :impishlee_loungewear

I almost took a romper because I’m dreaming of this for a few months now. But no, I thought pratical and choose the robe (with no regrets at all, I can already say it).
The parts of the garnment that you can customize are the following :
– the sleeves,
– the belt,
– the edges of the opening at the front
– the front of the robe
– the back of the robe
Almost everything in fact haha

What I’ve chose :

For the sleeves, which have a very peculiar and original shape (a “V” cut inside the elbow, it’s really classy), I chose a beautiful black lace, the “lack fine lace”, which has some delicates little floral patterns.

Then, as I looooove velvet, I chose, for the entire robe, the “black paisly burn velvet” fabric, a very specific kind of velvet with patterns on it. This fabric is a true beauty, I love it so much that I couldn’t tell myself just to put it only on a side of the robe.

To finish, I added the “color” touch : the edges of the opening and the belt with this deep violet velvet.


Note that the edges of the sleeves and at the bottom of the robe are slightly flounced, it shows that all the robe is well done and finished.

When I unpacked this robe from the little mesh bag where it was carefully packed I was deeply amazed. The quality of the fabric is incredible, the cut is perfect. I immediately felt like a spoiled little princess with a luxurious robe.

How is it to wear the Impish Lee beauty ?

As soon I as I put it on, truly, I felt like the queen of the world. It fits like a dream, doesn’t lying on the floor like a Swifer mop in spote of my small size and did I already mentionned it ? fits perfectly ^^ It doesn’t squeeze my arms, etc etc the list could be long as it is the perfection of the robes.

The lace on the arms is smooth, doesn’t scratchs and the velvet frabric has a tiny lignong which makes the robe both hot and comfy. I was really glad to have it in winter (and god knows how the belgian winters are long…), I made a really good use of it ! Feeling beautiful, classy and warm, it’s the absolute joy !

robe-impishlee-opened robe-impishlee-closed

The only criticism I could make to that treasure is for the belt, but it’s reallysome nitpicking. The robe doesn’t have any loops where you can put the belt. So I really wondered how the belt was going to hold. So I don’t know if ot’s a miracle or the fabric, but I can do any type of bow with this belt and it holds really well !! My criticism is only that, as they are no loops, the belt doesn’t stay on the robe when you put if off, and you ahve tobe carefull not the lose it (and of course that’s what happened to me when I did the photoshooting of this robe, I forgot the belt at the photographer’s place..).


I you haven’t noticed yet my enthusiasm regarding this robe, well just go read the article again haha. It’s certainly one of the most luxurious piece of lingerie of my collection, and from far the most amazing robe I have. I could’nt encourage you more to order at Impish Lee ! Why tiring yourself to search for something that fits you when you can spend this time customizing a garnment that will be one of a king and fits you perfectly ? For me, as soon I have have more money I’ll definitely going to order a bra !! So much possibilitiiieees haaaa.

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