There is nearly a month of now, the famous and sulphurous brand Agent Provocateur launched an extraordinary flash sale on its website. You now know me, after having hesitate for 10 seconds I rushed over the website to see the wonders that I can buy for, this time, a budget more suited to my purse than the usual rate.

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Much acclaimed on the internet by the press and specialized blogs, the British brand, founded in 1994, has necessarily catch you with its sexy, flirtatious and dark models. Or maybe it’s its advertisements, often outrageous, flirting with the codes of prostitution under the cover of a pornochic imaging that has marked you, we adhere, we love or not.
I’ve always been curiousof  that so called sulphurous brand, with its refined and seductive models, the ubiquitous black and his dark boudoir atmosphere.
Note that Agent Provocateur lingerie range is from size 32A to 36E. So your breat has to be too not small or not too big,, but we appreciate the effort to go beyond the cup D.

In short, this flash sale was the opportunity of my life. So I surveyed the website in “filter by price” mode. I hesitated between two models and ultimately it’s Callie who won. Although the sale was financially very interesting, I had to stick to the bra, the entire set was too expensive for me. But I thought that would make a little piece of collection like this, THE AP piece!

I was so excited when I received the package, I immediately did a little unboxing video on instagram:

Callie by Agent Provocateur : what does it looks like ?

FYI : I bought this bra in a 36DD.


Visually, Callie is a real gem. In the vein of the trendy tattoo designs, these very fine mesh with delicate drawings that come to rest on the skin as if they were not based on anything, Callie manages that really well. If you are looking for something covering go your way! This underwired bra has cups made entirely of black mesh. The first layer has scallop-edges wihich really pretty. But the whole point of this first layer of mesh are French turquoise embroideries. Those embrouderies, made of a very refined  and elegant floral pattern, are based on the second “layer” of mesh, black and transparent, leaving the impression that those pretty embroideries are on your skin. Nice right?

The period between the breasts is decorated with a black satin bow in the center of which is a flower also in satin but turquoise, completing the harmony of this beautiful bra. The band is also in black mesh, simply.
Small crush on the shoulder straps (adjustable), which are double, a detail I especially appreciate on bras. I find it fine and sexy.


The back of the straps is thicker to ensure a better fit. Small detail that I liked too: the parts for adjusting the bra are golden and contrast beautifully on the black. One of them is also engraved with the brand name, class. The bra fastens with two hooks only but with three clamping levels.
After detailed the bra like that I just wanted to wear it!

 Callie by Agent Provocateur : the test

As usual, to tell you as much as possible about what I present, I test lingerie for different occasions! I have worn the bra once for a long day, more agitated than I would have thought, well, I quickly regretted … At the first fitting (when I received the package) I first felt that Callie perfectly suited me in terms of cup and band. I did not feel any particular discomfort ! My breasts are enhanced, I do not feel tight, it does not overflow when I lean, it is discreet under my clothes etc. I felt ok to wear it for a whole day devoted to tourism. After half an hour I feel tight in the band, it starts to get uncomfortable but by adjusting it a little bit I feel better.


Cups no problem of fitting. But something went bad: it was itchy . Yep, this sublime mesh that makes my boobs wonderful, itches my boobs. I try not to think about it, but it really is not comfortable at all. We return to the hotel, I look at it, red marks on the chest which confirm that the bra is a bit small, and a huge soulagemment by removing it, it really itched.

Well we still took photos that night, because the room was nice and it was a shame not to change a little bit the background for the blog’s photos!


I think that this may be my sweater that does that, and anyway, it’s AP, that kind of stuff can not happen to them. Long story short, this was not the sweater, this bra itches. At home I compared this with the mesh of other bras, and honestly it is thicker and less soft. I do not understand this choice.

Otherwise the bra really gives a great shape to the breast, and provides good support, I must say that I was not expecting it at all, given its thinness. But I was rather seduced by what I saw in the mirror (and I believe that my bf too ^^).

To sum-up

You understand that with the original price of this bra, I was a bit skeptical on the brand. I tell myself that this is perhaps just bad luck, I have sensitive skin or what. After all, it seems that usually the reviews speak of it in glowing terms, except on the issue of the size maybe. So I do not know what to say, it is certainly a great piece that you need to buy with a size up. It makes a very nice breast, almost like the lady on their website! If you have this model, I will be delighted to hear your opinion about it!



You can’t find it anymore on the AP’s website. But I saw it at Harrod’s :
Clic here to buy the bra

For the hotel where we took the photos : Boutique Hotel Grote Gracht Maastricht

Extra infos : tanga by Simone Pérèle and heels by Pleaser



Composition Bra : 75% Polyamide, 25% Polyester
Made in China
Elastic No
Fitting The bra runs small
Type of product Bra
Advised price Bra : 120€ (as it’s not on the Ap’s website anymore, I think it is on sale, it is around 91€ at Harrod’s)
Entretien SG Handwash  – Dry carefully – Ironing forbidden


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  2. An interesting reading. I was always wondering how was AP lingerie but somehow I could not find my size. I am sorry for your misadventure… not the cheapest one.

    • Hi Valentina,

      Glad I could help a little 🙂 Indeed not the cheapest misadventure ! It’s not a bad thing it does not carry your size, there are plenty of other brands who does that with way better products !

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