We continue in the Polish marks(brands) with Wellfitting! As a lingerie blogger  it is my duty to make you discover a the more brands I can for you to have the choice. And today, I think you’ll be glad you’ve read this post!

For this article I’ll talk only about the bra, no brief this time ! I’ll try to be short but it’s not guaranteed ^^ (P.S : coupon code at the end of this article)

Who is Wellfitting ?

Before we start you know that I like giving you a little bit of a context, so I’m going to talk a little bit about the brand. And it is a family story! Of two sisters exactly, who started the Wellfitting adventure in Palo Alto in 2013, tired not to find lingerie for all the sizes.

And to be able to offer it, they joined their forces with the best of the manufacturers of lingerie in Poland:  Comexim! This manufacturer offers more than 100 different sizes in lingerie and swimsuits!
It is thanks to them that Wellfitting can offer sizes of A until K, with backs starting from 26 to 50!

The sisters even moved to Warsaw, to be closer of the production site and continue to offerquality bras.

And now, time to speak about this bra ! I present you the model Liftsational Classic Demi inthe gray lavender color.


*This bra was offered to me by Wellfitting for the purpose of this review. As usual it’s my own and honest opinion on it that you’ll read here. This post contain an affiliated link*

What’s the Liftsational from Wellfitting looks like ?

The liftsational is a “demi”, that is a kind of balconnet. It also has 3 parts cups, but with shorter and narrower underwiring. The demi generally cover half, or even three quarter of the breast, and the trick of this model it is that it is made to put the breast to the center. Perfect to make a beautiful cleavage !


So, this demi is entirely covered by a super shiny satin fabric, in a shade of lavender gray, with the edges and the straps in black. There is also a little black bow between the cups and at the start of the straps. I was a little bit skeptical about the color, but when I wore ir for the first time I immediately liked it and found it original and pretty !

I just noticed one little flaw : on the edge of the cups, the black satin wasn’t trimmed, so it’s not perfeclty finished. But as you can see : you can’t see it. These are the little flaws of handmade bras 🙂

The back is also made of satin, which is really great. I often thing that brands put a lot of effort on the cups, and then the back is just a random black fabric. For me, it’s a shame ! And it is not the case here, and it’s nice. The back is large so you have a good support, and closes with 3 hooks.

Wellfitting_Liftsational_dosAu passage, on oublie pas qu’un soutien-gorge neuf doit se fermer au premier crochet. Et oui, le soutif va se détendre avec le temps et c’est alors que vous allez utiliser les autres niveaux. Donc si on veut garder son soutif un peu longtemps on fait gaffe à ça !

Just saying, don’t forget that a brand new bra must being closed at its first hook. The bra will become slack as time goes by and this where you’re gonna use the other hooks. So if you want to keep your bra longer, pay attention to this little detail 🙂

Wearing the liftsational from Wellfitting

I took it in 38DDD, which is a 95F in french size. Joanna gave me some good advices based on my measurements, so don’t hesitate to contact the brand if you doubt about the size. First I’ve received a 40DDD but the back was way too big and the cup were a little bit too big too. So I can say that the brand fits normally, taking your regular size should be ok.


I must admit that I didn’t really know what to expect regarding the comfort. Until now, all the “boobs lifting”‘s bra I’ve tried weren’t so comfortable for a long period of time.
So I wore this one for day at work, thinking “well, if it’s too tight I can handle it, I’ll remove it quickly when I’ll be back at home”. Well, ladies : it’s awesome.

It is sooooo comfy that I now have to force myself to put other bras, otherwise I’d wear this one everyday ! I have to explain : the straps are large and don’t slip. The underwires don’t dig into my ribs. The back doesn’t go up. I almost don’t fell the bra, nor my boobs which are amazingly well supported !


Et for me, the best is : the cleavage. Well, my boobs are quite..away form each other (I think they had an argument when I was born), so it’s very difficult for me to have a cleavage just like I want, with my boobies centered. You know what I’m talking about right ? When your boobs touch each other. Well, there it is, the miracle has come under the shape of the Liftsationnal from Wellfitting : my boobs made up together and I have a hell of a cleavage !


I am happiness, I’m joy, my boobs touch each other and are supported at the same time, and no part of my breats is hurting me ! Where is the scam ? Nowhere my lady ! I also have a very good news for you : this bra only costs 61€ ! Yes. It is a little bit of money, but it’s almost cheap in this lingerie wolrd of ours where everything that’s pretty and comfortable isn’t affordable.


And I say yes ! Yes to comfort ! Yes to the satin ! Yes to lavender ! Well hum. You had my point, if you don’t buy this bra you’ll regret it for the rest of your life (yes, nothing less :D).
Just a little drawback : you have to be patient. The bra is made to order. So you have to wait about 3 weeks to change the life of your boobs 😉

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The bra : http://bit.ly/2m98s0B

Photos : my bf.



Composition Bra
75% polyamide, 20% Polyesther, 5% Elasthanne

Made in  Poland    
Elastic Yes      
Fits right Yes      
Product Bra      
Price 61€    


  1. Honestly, polish bras are the ultimate discovery for me. As a 32Ff (French 85G) I never thought that anything else than Freya’s deco would give me the support, crazy uplift, comfort and cleavage I dreamed of. Then Ewa Michalak happened ^^ now I want to try other brands as well !

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